Original hand-drawing on plywood.
Aprox. 93 x 36 cm - 36 x 14 in
Materials . Black ink & varnish on plywood

Part of an ongoing series that focus on the concept of infinite, of something that as no beginning or end. 
Sequences of imaginary buildings and constructions that grow into each other in a continues loop.

Departing from his traditional medium of pen and paper, Mister Mourao created a new line of work that lies between a sculpture and a two dimensional drawing. By working on plywood, these pieces are freed from the typical frame and the physical limits of the pieces are integral part of the work.

This work is part of a solo show at Espacio 88 in Barcelona.

It arrives ready to hang on a wall.
Shipping will be made within a custom made rigid box and extra wrapping for a safe travel.